Hoya Care and Varieties Offered


Do you like plants that thrive on neglect? Then Hoya are for you. These vining plants, also know as wax plants, make great hanging baskets or climbing plants. Behaving more as a succulent but with less light needed these make great houseplants. Especially for those of us that sometimes forget to water.

Hoya collectors sometimes collect just for the flowers or the the violate. Most hoyas will flower, scented umbels (balls), of small star-shaped flowers. Leaves can sport different shapes and variegation. I love the silver splash on some of my leaves.


  • Botanical Name: Hoya
  • Family: Apocynaceae
  • Care: Easy
  • Type: Perennial, Vining, climbing forms
  • Size: 3-4 ft indoors
  • Sun: Bright Indirect Light
  • Temperature: 60-85°F (10-30°C)


Hoya need well draining soil. They love a good chonky, mix full of wood OR a cactus mix. Why? Because these plants grow up and on trees or in arid rocky conditions. Sitting in thick wet solid will rot the roots. I let mine mostly dry between watering


You have a LOT of options when lighting Hoyas. Hoyas are an interesting plant in that a lot of varieties can “sun stress” to bring a lot more color and/or splash. The best overall lighting is a bright, indirect. They can handle up to a couple house of direct lighting if necessary.


I use Liquidirt (not sponsored) for regular water and organic fertilizers during warm months. Your baby will come in a mix of coconut peat (aka coir) with heavy use of perlite for drainage. When repotting use a super, chunky or cactus mix and a pot only an inch or so bigger. These like to be root bound so you will see a show down on leaves/flowers until the pot is full of roots. I always suggest waiting 2-3 weeks if your plant was shipped to repot. Give it time to acclimate to your conditions.

Varieties Offered

Stock can change but we often provide these Hoya Pubicalyx:

Hoya Pubicalyx “Splash”

This was my first Hoya, and what a great one to start with. A little rarer than Hoya carnosa, the pubicalyx has elongated leaves, with silver splash. The baby leaves come in a deep crimson and harden to the green/silver.

Stock can change but we often provide these Hoya Carnosa:

Hoya Krimson Queen

Hoya Krimson Queen is also know as Hoya Tricolor. This hoya sports green leaves edged in white. New leaves can be bright pink. Sometimes leaves come in all white shades.

Hoya Krimson Princess

The Krimson Princess opposite of the Queen and sports white center leaf variegation with green edges. The Princess also has creamier variegation and pinker stems than the Queen. Baby leaves can be dark pink. They look great in a mixed pot or planting together.

If You Need Help

As with all our plants, the Reaganskopp Homestead wants your plants to make you as happy as our plants make us.  Please reach out with questions about care at any time. Tag us @craftthyme or #craftthyme and show us your beautiful plants in their new homes!

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