Some of the greatest satisfaction you can receive is from raising your own animals and plants. Learn more about growing and raising small livestock, fruits, and vegetables using permacultural methods.



Why buy another useless item when you can have the lasting satisfaction of making your own? Find true joy in crafting and DIYing with these beginner and intermediate tutorials.



A life worth living involves DOING things. Travel the world, throw gatherings for friends, saving money. Find what inspires you to get off the couch and out of the rut. Find you “Do”!


The Art of Doing

In our modern times there is a lost art. The art of doing and being. Certainly we are busy. So busy we have built a culture on who is the busiest. The most activities wins!

But what do you win? Exhaustion and anxiety.

Instead of exhaustion, disconnection and anxiety learn to really live life by participating in it fully. Go make something, travel somewhere new, or tend your garden. Be in the moment and participate fully instead of just running from pointless activity to activity.

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