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  1. In my yard I have a corner area for yard waste. I want to enclose it with a fence for looks, and to contain it.
    In order for it to breakdown and compost is there a particular type of fence that would be best?
    My wife wanted it made of a Trex or composite, or pine? But after reading your page I’m guessing that it needs to be more open.
    Should it have slatted opening so air can move freely through it?
    Or can it be stockade style?
    Thank you,

    • So you have some choices. Trex would be great. But it is pricey. You can use a pine or composite you just have to realize that any wood near the ground is likely to decompose. Of course this is true with any fence! It does need airflow, or you will get a stinky wet mess in between your fence and no one wants that! However, once you fill it with sticks and clippings the space between is filled and you won’t have neighbors prying their eyes through the slats.

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