Don’t Sue Us

Here’s a bit of legalese so you know just what you are getting. To paraphrase; Don’t Sue Me.

  • Contact: Craft Thyme is generally run by Brianna with a bit of Adam thrown in for the masculine perspective. If you love us or want to send me free shit then contact me here or leave a comment. I love comments. For those with “advice”, “critiques”, or “sales-pitches” you can contact us here.
  • Following my advice: I hold a BA in Art and an AS in Computer Information Technology. Clearly I am the last people on Earth that should be telling you how to DIY, be successful, or pretty much do anything with your life. If you follow one of my tutorials please be careful.  That crap is probably held together with hot glue and prayers. I write about what works for us but as many a diet commercial states: RESULTS MAY VARY. Do some research, wear some safety goggles, and duct tape is a good choice in most situations.

What the FCC wants you to know

As a blogger I need to disclose posts that I am paid to write, when I receive free items, and affiliate links.  Personally, I have no issue with that.  Too many blogs look to be offering advice and reviews about products they love.  When in reality they are just paid to write about a subject.  Nothing makes me feel ethically grosser than not disclosing a paid review.  Currently, I don’t do them.  I have toyed with the idea, because frankly there are large costs associated with running even a small blog.  If I ever do then you will know! As it currently stands here is how Craft Thyme attempts to make enough money to pay for the server space and buy a beer or two.  So far we are buying the beer out of pocket :).

  • Reviews: Any product, store, item we talk about with praise was purchased with our own money. We don’t have the readership for anyone to send us free gifts, but if we did we’d tell you. Why? Because we hate when we can’t tell if someone actually liked a product or just simply got paid to praise.
  • Advertising: Ha! Maybe one day we can add the disclaimer about our sponsors here, but for now throw a Google ad on it and call it a day.
  • Affiliate Links: Yep, I currently am trying out Amazon Associates.  Want to buy your supplies through them?  Click my links and I get a little cash to continue this crafty enterprise or buy myself a beer.  Don’t want to give me a cut?  No problem!  Go get your products at the best place for you!

Here is my legally required Amazon Disclosure:

“Craft Thyme is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.”

Your Privacy

I use Google Analytics to generally track site visitors.  The only information I personally collect is if you sign up for my newsletter.  You will be required to opt in, can unsubscribe at any time, and I will never ever give your email address to any third party.  I use MailChimp to handle my lists.  Feel free to read more about their privacy policies if you have concern.




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