Play nice, we work hard to produce this site; currently for very little monetary gain.  That being said, we reserve all rights, but would be happy to discuss.  Below are some general guidelines:

  • Images: Any images that we haven’t taken ourselves are credited  (if possible (and by if possible I mean I spent HOURS trying to track the original creator down)). I believe these images to be either be part of the public domain or covered under fair use. Any images without credits are taken by me. Since I enjoy free images I think you might too. Feel free to use them, just give us credit and a link back.  Oh and pin the hell out of them :).
  • My Ramblings: I am not sure why anyone would want to copy my posts, since, I consistently butcher the English language. However, if you feel the need, then talk with me first. Verbatim copying can hurt everyone’s Google ranking. Plus I might need this shit for my book deal… One day… So, I’m going to have to reserve my copyright. You’ll just have to write your own sections with tons of misspellings, overused commas, and exclamation points.
  • Reserved rights:  It’s my blog so I reserve the right to change everything and delete/moderate your comments (especially if it offers to make our penis/breasts bigger). Sorry, I love penis enhancement but I don’t believe that it falls under “Crafting” or “DIY” .  Oh…  Okay, it might but let’s just not let our minds go there…
  • Making Items:  You are welcome to use any tutorials to make crafts and sell them.  You do the work and you deserve the reward in those cases.  However, please don’t sell my tutorials/ideas as your own.  Inspiration is the basis of creativity.  Changing a word here and there is not inspiration, it is just copying.

When in doubt follow my mother’s advice: It never hurts to ask!

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