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Reaganskopp 2017 Christmas Tour

Details of candy colored glass ornaments and retro style tree topper for Christmas.

Let me start by saying I’ve done a lot of Christmas tours in the past, both virtual and real life. A lot of them have been more elaborate. But considering that this tour barely even happened, I think you will still find loads of holiday cheer.

I had truly planned on decorating a single tree and being done with it.  Especially, as we are doing some travel that will cut into decoration enjoyment time….  But then I thought about the kids and how this might be the last Christmas McClain believed in Santa Claus and decided to put up some decorations and stockings.  And then Adam found a really cool tinsel tree on special…  And then we decided to have a Christmas party next week…  So yeah, we ended up decorating the whole flipping house.  And since we went to all that trouble why not share a virtual tour?!

SO it all starts with getting a tree.  This year we got smart and planned ahead with a blanket and gloves.  No more resin on all the things!  And yes, for reference you can fit one giant, mother loving, live, tree and six people in a van.

Getting a Christmas Tree


Afterward it was just a case of bringing out the felt woodland Christmas decorations.  Notice how I left all the fiddly parts of Adam getting the live tree in the stand and in the house out?  Meh…  No one cares about that!

I was still in let’s pare down Christmas mode this year so I didn’t go crazy on the garland. But might have gone crazy with the lights.


Traditional red, green, gold, and white decorations complement felt woodland animals Christmas decorations

Over 900 lights to be exact.  I maaaaayyyy also have added another felt Christmas bird (or two) this year.

Felt Christmas bird with felt snow village and rustic glass ornaments

I did get all the stockings up.  So far they have only been knocked off the mantel say… 10,000 times by the kids.

Traditional red and green stockings hung with felt woodland Christmas decorations

We did felt Christmas last year with probably a little more umph, but I think they held up well.  The kids love the little vignettes I set up with the animals; because everyone needs to have felt birds playing chess on their bookcase.

After the felt Christmas tree was up in the main living room it was time to set up the amazing new tinsel tree.  Since it was a skinny tree we thought it would fit perfect in the sitting area in the master bedroom.  Frankly, it kinda became my ‘tacky’ tree.  I don’t actually think it is tacky, I think it spec’tack’ular in all of its retro glory!

We decorated our skinny tinsel tree in bright tinsel with lots of shiny candy colored ornaments.

The boys helped me find that amaze-balls Christmas tree topper in bright retro colors!

Retro tinsel tree topper in bright candy colors

I started by trying to google how to decorate a tinsel tree so I do something classy but it was like once I got started throwing on shiny stuff I couldn’t help myself.  Classy has never been my forte.  There are layers of  tinsel on the tinsel!  Because one can never have too much tinsel.  Then there are glass birds and ornaments in bright candy colors.

Details of candy colored glass ornaments and retro style tree topper for Christmas.

It literally GLOWS at night.

Colorful decorated tinsel tree at night

And because that wasn’t enough I thought why not add more color and set up my favorite colored bottle brush tree collection.

Bottle Brush Tree Collection in bright colors

At that point EVERYONE in the household was in thrall to the flurry of Christmas appearing throughout the house.  There are table runners, and snow globes, my Mother’s fabulous hand made stockings.  These stockings are a labor of L.O.V.E.

Hand embroidered felt stockings with snowman and woodland creatures

Each boy has their own handmade felt Christmas stocking.  All of them are hand pieced, hand beaded, and even hand fringed.  I’ll be honest I wouldn’t have the patience to achieve these, but ‘Granny’ sure did.  Check out the tiny details.

Details of hand embroidered and beaded felt stockings

Since we had gotten this far in the decorating it seemed only fitting to finish it up with out favorite geek-fest: Our Star Wars Christmas Tree.

Last year we created all the ornaments (with how to make handmade Star Wars Ornament tutorial) and this year we added a new R2D2 stocking and some Star Wars inspired apothecary jar.

Our star wars Christmas Tree with BB-8 tree topper

Yep, that is a BB-8 tree topper.  But we try to give props to both sides of the force.

Apothecary jar decorated for Star Wars Christmas with snow and tie fighters.

Oh and lest I forget, we added some more lights!

Details of our Star Wars Christmas trees with handmade ornaments

As you can see we are a big fan of lights at the Reganskopp household or at least I am and Adam seems happy enough to oblige. We hope you enjoyed the virtual Christmas tour and got some inspiration for your own shiny, felted, nerd Christmas.  Merry Christmas from Craft Thyme!

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  1. On Snow Flocking……couldn’t find a place to respond to your comments and to others on the ‘snow flocking’ page.
    I basically grew up in the 1950’s. Went to high school and college in the 1950’s. My mama and I made ‘Snow’ by whipping Lux Flakes with warm water plus adding salt to make it harden on magnolia leaves and the pine Christmas tree. It made mounds of ‘snow’ and stayed a long time. Wish I had that same recipe of mama’s. Of course, we thought Lux would be around forever !!! We used Lux Flakes for washing our undies. I do not remember using anything else to make ‘snow’ other than Lux Flakes, Warm water and Salt.

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