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Get Your Free 2021 Backyard Chicken & Poultry Tracker

Example of the new graphs available in the free 2020 egg tracker

Edit: We now have a 2024 Version Available!

Are you looking to track the egg production of your chickens, quail, or ducks for free? We’ve got you covered with our 4th annual updated chicken and poultry tracker. If you are new to the tracker you can review detailed instructions on how to log your poultry and their eggs below. This tracker keeps all the details of your chickens, quail, and ducks, the eggs they lay, and expenses/profit. This year we have a quick FAQ and what’s new for 2021. If you are already familiar with our previous egg and poultry trackers simply skip to the bottom to get the newest version! As always this egg tracking utility is free. Please just follow us on the social media of your choice Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Pinterest and share this tracker with other folks who need a utility to keep up with their backyard egg production.

What All Can I Keep Track Of?

There are four main areas you can keep track of for your flock:

  • The Poultry (Chicken, Quail, and Ducks)
  • The Eggs
  • The Expenses (There are many)
  • The Income (Not nearly enough)
Example of the new graphs available in the free 2020 egg tracker

The Poultry

As with previous years you can log as much or as little information about your flock as you want. Highlights include birth, deaths, lay dates and notes for ducks, chicken, and quail. The only required field is a date for laying if you want the hens of all species to average correctly. Don’t worry about perfection, I sometimes can only get a lay date within a couple of weeks depending on how many pullets I have going that year.

The Eggs

Shooooo, folks really have opinions on this area. Track by size, color, species OR skip it all and just put your total eggs by day. We aim to please everyone in this area

The Income and Expenses

We offer some items in the dropdowns but you can easily add your own line items. We also have a handy place to put in some customer notes

Wow This Is Overwhelming, Where do I start?

First scroll down and make a copy of the sheet into your own Google Drive. Then follow the instructions on sheet one. Summaries and charts are automatically created from entering your chickens and eggs in the various tabs. Don’t worry if you still need help, we have a handy guide from 2018 that still gets you going:

Directions on how to use the chicken tracker

We also will assist folks (when time allows) via comments or Facebook/Instagram chat. Please remember we don’t make money doing this and we work full time outside of this website.

Can I get an Excel/Paper/Other Version of this Egg Tracker?

Please keep asking in the comments below, but for right now the free version is only available via Google Sheets. If we ever have enough interest we will make other options for a small fee.

Can I Use This Egg Tracker For My Small Business?

ABSO-FREAKING-Lutely. While we cater to small backyard flocks, we firmly support small farm businesses! Please let us know if you use this poultry tracker for your small business. We would love to support you on social media and make changes to assist you. Farmers are the backbone of our food supply! We just ask that no one packages this sheet up and sells it for a profit or posts it as their own work. We make this for free so everyone can enjoy.

What’s New for 2021?

You asked for it and we came through: First the summary page now contains a WEEKLY view of your total egg counts. The egg counts by size, color, and species are automatically calculated just like the monthly counts.

We also created a new chart that shows the total eggs by week. A great way to get a visual on your egg production throughout the year.

How Do We Get Our Copy?!

Click the link below and you will be prompted to make a copy to your Google Drive. Make the copy and then run with it. Please note, I only give copy access to the Poultry Egg Tracking Spreadsheet. This avoids someone accidentally messing the entire sheet up.

Free 2021 Poultry & Egg Tracker (Copy Only) <—— Click IT!

If you would like to see an example all filled out you can click this link:

Poultry & Egg Tracker w/Examples (View Only)

If you want more directions on how to use the poultry egg tracking spreadsheet I wrote a guide in 2018. Click the link below:

Directions on how to use the tracker

How Can I Make You A Millionaire for Your Awesomeness?

If you like/use the tracker we simply ask that you spread the word about the free poultry egg tracker to others and send in suggestions via comments. Each year we try to incorporate what readers want to see. You are free to use it for personal or business use. Just don’t try to sell it as your product because that makes you a meanie, not nice person.

If you really NEEEEED to give us compensation check out our Support Us page!

28 thoughts on “Get Your Free 2021 Backyard Chicken & Poultry Tracker

  1. I’m not a data kind of gal, but I have a fiery passion for your poultry tracker. I weighed and sorted every single egg my ladies laid this year (3503 as of today), tracked all my income and expenses (I’m able to assure anyone who complains about my egg prices that I make zero money off all my time and effort), and effectively kept track of all the poultry that hatched and was processed. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this most excellent document. My 2024 tracker is all ready for the new year!

    1. You inspired me to update! Here is this year’s. Not a major departure, but I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your comment.

  2. Unable to save an editable version

    1. I don’t know what to say. I click on the link above and am prompted to save a copy to my Google drive. I tried it in an incognito window too and was also prompted to save a copy.

  3. This is awesome. I love a good data set.

  4. You should add geese in place of xl eggs or just add geese and maybe turkeys :D

    1. I’ll keep that in mind for 2023!

  5. This is really great, I just wish it had Jumbo and PeeWee sizes as well. I could live without the PeeWee but I have several girls that lay Jumbo eggs on a regular basis!

    1. The categories can be what you make them. I just use x-large for my jumbo.

    2. I might be tapping on the wrong links, but both links above open read only versions. Has none else had this issue?

      1. Not usually. Usually it prompts you to save a copy to your Google drive. You can make a copy from a read only link too, though. Maybe try our newest version?

  6. this is so helpful. thank you so much!

  7. Thank you for offering this. Would most definitely be interested in an excel version, even for a fee ;)

  8. i am new to poultry farming and this is a great tracker, please send me a copy.

    1. Download at will! Just click the above links.

      1. can you email it to me? I cannot download it, it doesn’t work.

        1. Unfortunately it is a google doc. Those are not like excel files. If you click on the link in this article it will prompt you to make a copy you can use online. I can’t send the specific item to download.

  9. Hey Brianna, this spreadsheet/tracker looks awesome. I did want to make you aware of a small issue I ran into and fixed on my copy though. The ‘Egg Production: Size” graph on the Dashboard sheet was reporting medium egg totals as “small eggs”. After some investigation I found in the Summary Statistics sheet “Eggs per Year” area that the medium egg cell did not have a value, and the small egg cell was calculating from the medium egg cells. Easy fix. Thanks again for putting this out and maintaining it!

    1. All fixed! thanks for catching that!

    2. Please send my your egg tracker spreadsheet.

      1. Just scroll up and click on the link to download a copy.

  10. I’ve used this spreadsheet for about a year now and it is amazing! I only have chickens and they only lay green and brown eggs so the spreadsheet is a little overwhelming, is there a simpler version anywhere? Thank you so much for making tracking egg production fun!!

    1. I tried making paired down versions a couple of years ago but it takes a decent amount of time to create and maintain two versions. Since I do not charge for the items, I just cannot devote the time. Sorry!!!

  11. This will be the fourth year I have used the spreadsheet and I love it! It is perfect for the data geek in me and I’ve learned a lot about spreadsheet functions :) More importantly, as someone new to poultry, the spreadsheets are a valuable record and are helping me figure out just what kinds of birds are right for me by showing the production of the different breeds I’m trying. I only have chickens, so the focus on chicken variety works for me. Thank you so much!

    1. I am so glad you have found this useful! Folks like you are the reason I keep putting these out each year.

  12. this spreadsheet is awesome!! thank you for taking the time to put this together. I started to create my own, and thought, I should look on pinterest.. and there was the perfect spreadsheet! the only question I have is, when I enter information into the expenses and incomes tabs, they aren’t auto-populating on the summary tab. I looked, and when i downloaded the spreadsheet to be offline, the summary tab where those two tabs should populate, do not have formulas in them.. is this something that would have happened from downloading a copy to my desktop, or any idea why this would be?

    Thank you!

    1. It may have. Did you try to convert to excel? In previous years there wasn’t a great conversion when I tried it.

      1. Is there a 2023 version.? If not can older versions be modified.?

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