Christmas Mantel: Snowy Woodlands

Despite the cloudy, rainy mess our December is turning out to be, I was more in the mood for snow. Perhaps I needed the peace of snow falling in the woods after my shiny dining room and busy Christmas schedule. To be sure, I kept the sparkle to touches of shimmer. Let us take a look at the snowy woodland inspired mantel.

I know you should never lead with an apology, but excuse these photos. It seems we will never have another sunny day in which I can photograph my decor.

To create the upholstered/snow draped mantel I placed batting under white seersucker fabric. Those lovely corners? Yeah… I cut and pinned those because I was too lazy to walk downstairs and sew. I figure temporary display merits temporary seams. To offer some contrast to all that white I added fake alpine trees and collected pine cones. I also found some decorative cinnamon sticks (i.e. decent scent but not good for flavoring) I had squirreled away with last years decorations. They worked great to cover the bases of the trees in lew of a tree skirt.

I did want some shimmer so I took these dollarstore candle holders from last year, brushed a little white glue on the tops and rolled them in Epsom salt mixed with a pinch of clear glitter. I had planned on disposing of the candle holders after this Christmas since the candles are stuck (and they were only a dollar) but I may have to find a way to hang on to them. I love the subtle shine!

Again I am a huge fan of using what I already have on hand to create a new display. My wardian case became a candle holder in the fireplace, plant pots and baskets got co-opted to create stands for the candles and display pine cones. The snowflakes hung from the dining room chandelier last Christmas. Only the snow ball trim was new and at $2 per 30 foot roll I spent a total of $4 bucks.

While not shown (I’ll be doing the great Christmas reveal next week) the Christmas tree will sit next to the mantel and bring in a little more sparkle to the scene. As a hint, it will involve home-grown crystals to make an icy complement to the snow.

12 thoughts on “Christmas Mantel: Snowy Woodlands”

  1. Here is how to get out stuck candles. Stick the whole thing in the freezer for a while until they contract enough to pop or pry them out. It really works!

  2. I love the snowy mantel scarf with the snowflakes hanging beneath… so pretty! I think the cinnamon stick/pinecone combo is WAY better than a tree skirt! How clever! It all looks beautiful!

    • Thanks! I struggle with my pictures on good days so I get even more frustrated when I’m working with bad conditions.

      Who knew how many uses Epsom salts would have?!


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