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Crayon Crafts With Wax Paper

Remember all the crayon crafts you did as a kid?  Everything from leaf rubbings to general coloring.  My favorite was anything to do with melting crayons.  Perhaps I had a little pyromaniac in my soul but I loved the liquid wax.

I was happy to redo this childhood craft of melting crayons in wax paper to make interesting designs.  They make great sun catchers too!  On Thursday I’ll take my crayon ‘art’ and make a back to school garland.

Melted Crayon and Wax Paper Sun Catchers


Crayons (grabbed some old ones from the kids)

Wax Paper



Supplies to make wax paper sun catchers

Step 1: Grate some Crayons

It doesn’t take a lot of crayon shavings.  Maybe a 1/4 of a small crayon.

grated crayons

Step 2 Scatter and Smother

Get an old towel and lay out a sheet of waxed paper  on it. Drop the crayon bits over the surface and then cover with another sheet of waxed paper.  The old towel is to catch any melted wax that might squirt out.  Crayons are washable, but can stain in large concentrated amounts.

Laying out grated crayon on wax paper

Step 3  Strike While The Iron Is Hot

This is an example of a hot iron just lightly brushed across the surface.  Hold it down more and smoosh (technical term) the wax around the paper until you are pleased with the result.

melted crayon

I cut these sheets into circles to create a garland you’ll see on my Back to School Mantel.  But they look great hung in front of a window catching the sun through various thicknesses of color.

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1 thought on “Crayon Crafts With Wax Paper

  1. Very pretty design from your melted crayon shavings!

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