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Faux Snowballs: Soap Flocking Style

Faux snowball made from ivory soap

I had many comments about using an Ivory Snow Flocking Recipe to cover Styrofoam trees and make various scenes.  It made me think it might be very easy to make faux snowballs using the same technique.  This Christmas craft turned out even better than I expected.  Which, for crafting is amazing…  You should see all the fails I have behind the scenes.

Anyway, on to the faux snowball tutorial:How to make perfect faux snowballs


Faux Snowball Ingredients

Step 1 When it Grates it Snows

Make the ivory soap snow.  The only thing that differed from my original recipe was that I found some actual powdered laundry starch (Yippy for the 1950’s supplies hidden at the grocery).  I made a double strength batch to use instead of spray starch.  It worked even better and gave a nice hard surface when dry.

Step 2 Moosh Is Now A Technical Term

Reach down into the faux snow while it is still nice and warm and make sure to get some of the chunky bits out of the bottom of the bowl.  Roll the styrofoam ball in your hands leaving finger prints and an uneven surface.  Basically pretend you are packing up a snowball. Except it is gonna be a lot mooshier and smell a lot like soap.

Cover all your snowballs setting them aside to dry.

Mooshing faux snow on the styrofoam balls
Invest in some hand lotion cause this soap is going to dry your hands out.

Step 3  The Herpes of Crafts: Glitter Time

After covering your dozen snowballs pour some clear glitter in your hand.  Pick up the first snowball and moosh the glitter on the surface.  Kinda like you would if you were baking and covered your hands with flour.  Except it is glitter, and it will be all over you forever.  FOREVER.

The soap-snow will have cooled slightly and started setting up at this point.  It will give you a chance to round out the snowball and remove and sharp peaks that don’t really look anything like snow.

Set them aside to fully dry overnight after completing the same process on all the snowballs.

The next morning they should be perfectly hard and dry.  Ready to use in any of your Christmas decor.

Faux snowball made from ivory soap

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  2. Such a great idea! I’m going to try this. Thanks for sharing.

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