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Goodwill Rocks: Rub N Buff to the Rescue

Rub N Buff used to create an antique gold luster finish

“Granny” has been helping me collect cheap items for the Christmas Tour of Homes. Since McClain is not always the easiest baby to entertain she sometimes resorts to taking him places, which, often happens to be Goodwill. She has found lots of wonderful items that just need a little love to look fantastic.

I thought it would be wonderful to have an antique, Rococo, gold candelabra to set on the mantel. However, the real things (even in brass) are upwards of $200. Luckily, my mother found this beige rusty candle stick at Goodwill. I believe it was marked down to $2.

Mmm… Beige and rusty. Can’t imagine why even Goodwill had to mark it down.

First, I knocked off the loose paint, but because I wanted it shabby antique style I didn’t bother making it smooth. Just left it chipped and rusty. Then I spray painted*a nice SHINY gold. Bling, bling.

I figured while I had everything out I should antique a donated mirror and some ugly fake birds from the DollarTree.

So, this is the point when I get involved in the project and forget to take pictures. But, basically I need to knock the gold down a few notches. I had some black craft paint that I mixed with a LITTLE water and rubbed all over the candlestick. Then I took a rag and wiped the black off of everything but the crevices and ruff spots (Yep, I giggle at crevice but it’s the best word to use). For the final step I took one of my favorite craft products, Rub N Buff* in antique gold. Despite the name it is safe to Google and trust me Rub ‘n Buff didn’t pay me to say how much I love their product. If they did then I would totally require more than the 4 colors you can get at the local craft store.

Moving on, the product has instructions but basically you squirt a TINY amount on a rag or your finger and rub it on. I just hit the high places leaving the black and shiny gold showing through in. Honestly, I was so excited! It turned out awesome. So awesome, that I am going to have to find a permanent home for this candelabra after the holidays. The final look is more of a Rococo, lustrous-gold candelabra. Here’s a picture of it in my mantel display.

I like the gentle luster of the finished gold versus the bling directly from the spray can.

Speaking of mantels, I really hope some of you can make it to the Canton Christmas Tour of Homes this Sunday (Dec. 5). I’ll give you a sneak peak of our mantel tomorrow, but for the rest of it you’ll have to wait until after the tour, and not just because I’m not completely done yet. The event is for charity and only $12 so I want to save the whole shebang to surprise the attendees.

Anyone else have any fab Goodwill finds?


6 thoughts on “Goodwill Rocks: Rub N Buff to the Rescue

  1. Your finished product is fabulous! Thanks for using AMACO’s Rub ‘n Buff. I’d like to post this on our Facebook page.

    1. Certainly, your welcome to use it. Love your product.

  2. I would have snapped that candelabra up too! Its perfect on your mantel.

  3. This is so gorgeous! Great find. Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Hi I’m back, you’re a “no reply” e-mail, so the answer to your question, “Yes, GW=Goodwill” :). If you want to change your e-mail, go to your Dashboard, click on “Edit profile” and check the box that reads “show my email address”.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll fix that right now!

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