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Simple Christmas Table Setting

You know how I said I wouldn’t give away more of my house before the Canton Christmas Charity Tour of Homes? Yeah, I lied. I am so excited about how the table setting turned out in the dining room that I had to give a few more peeks at the Christmas vignette I created as my centerpiece.

Instead of the golden shimmer of the living room, I went with a frosty blue shimmer in the dining area. I created a scene of deer in a snowing forest for the table setting’s centerpiece. Clearly this is more interpretive since I have yet to see metallic deer bounding about Western North Carolina. Though I bet some of the local hunters would go ape-shit if we did have silver deer running around. But only if they were 12 point bucks, because everyone has already bagged an 8 point this year…

Back to the centerpiece, I scored this young buck and his mate at Rite-Aid, on sale for less than $7. I already had the crystal candlesticks (wedding present) and silver Christmas tree. Then I added some fake snow and glass babbles from a garland that got broken.

The whole table setting is set for two (don’t worry McClain has his own place setting at his high chair) and looks like this:

Yeah, I had to Google how to lay all that glassware out correctly… I mean we always entertain with water, red wine, and a sparkling aperitif. Doesn’t everyone?

You might notice there is one HONKING-huge light fixture hanging above the table. Words can not describe its beveled glass, brass, hugeness. Suffice to say it is UGGGGGly. Since I didn’t have the time/budget to remove this bad boy I covered it in fresh evergreen garland mixed with ivy that had flowered and made blue berries. Who knew ivy could do that?

I also bought a large pack of plastic snowflakes at the Dollartree and covered them in a large flake glitter I got in the floral section of A.C. Moore (Due to my craft hoarding habits I just happened to have that on hand from a previous project I never actually completed). These snow flakes then got suspended from the brass tentacle arms of the light-monstrosity.

While I’m still not a fan of the fixture I do love the way the snowflakes are suspended over the eating area.

Oh and I got to use more of my wedding gifts in the form of my china pattern (Vintage Jewel by Lennox) and cobalt-blue, satin placemats and napkins. I actually took two napkins (one matching the runner) and rolled them together and used the extra snowflakes as a napkin ring.

Finally I created other touches to match around the room by using unbroken bead garland on the window.

And using my stash of cobalt blue glass. I found a single bottle of cobalt blue glass in the local river when I was around 13. I have been obsessed ever since!

I hope you enjoyed the other side of my Frosty Metallic Christmas. If you want to see the whole thing and you live in Western North Carolina you can attend the Canton Christmas Tour of Homes Dec. 5. After that date I will be posting all the details for those that can’t come!

10 thoughts on “Simple Christmas Table Setting

  1. I have no idea if you will see this or not, as it seems this was a post you did a while ago, but I came across your site while searching for the perfect blue placemats. It seems you have them!! Where did you get them? Lovely table, by the way!

    1. They are from a couple years back in Dillards. I did a quick search and this “Monticello” set is very similar. The interior pattern is a little different but the satin edge and navy color are almost exactly the same.

      Thanks for the compliment!

  2. oops! sorry…just realized I had you confused with another comment about the dog…he he…but I’m glad I came over here and went looking because I got to see your mantel again that I love.

    1. Lol, well at least you liked what your saw and stayed for a bit. Sorry to disappoint about the dachshund. We’ll try harder to have all the requisite pets next time.

  3. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog…I came over here to see your decorations and hopefully – your doxie. Have not found the dog yet….but I love this tablescape. I love that deer. If we had Rite-Aid here…I’d be going there tomorrow to see if I could find some deer. Now I’m going to look at your other decorations and try to find that dog!

  4. I do need to cone soon, it looks fantastic!!

  5. Love the colors – so beautiful. You’ve created such an elegant tablescape. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I appreciate the compliment! Thanks

  6. Well Bryan, since you were hefting our shit around, it didn’t look like much. You must come visit soon.

  7. When I last saw your house, it didn’t look like this.

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