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Sure there are plenty of lifestyle blogs out there.  You can find your niche blogs about organic everything that push the neo-hippie way of life or your DIY, recipe, and homestyle blogs that make every post look it just came from the pages of Martha Stewart. Where is the moderation?!  Where are the people that like to dabble with their homes?  Where are the countless mistakes, and fights, and projects that just failed?

Almost every post that appears on Craft Thyme aims to give you the benefit of our countless hours of tinkering, playing, and producing.  We hope to offer you the moderate perspective.  Want to have organic vegetables and spray round-up on the poison ivy out back? We are there with you!  Want to use your green cleaners everyday, but occasionally pull out that 409 to really degrease the microwave? We are there! Want to cook a nice dinner and occasionally grab an Egg McMuffin?!  I ate one this morning.  We are not here to preach, cajole, or force a way of life.  We will make mistakes, have failed projects, and meh pictures…  BUT we will also offer advice and tutorials that can save you countless hours that we have already spent figuring out how to make that final project.

Frankly, we love sharing and we offer our readers the non-judgmental internet space to do your crafts, raise your chickens/cats/kids/etc, and spend time on your life and passions.

So, if you want to give us feedback, have questions about our tutorials, or just need to contact us, then email me at brianna@craftthyme.com.  I’ll respond as quickly as possible. Well unless the feedback is negative… We will just make fun of you, drink a beer on the porch, and move on.

About Craft Thyme:

Craft Thyme began as a place to showcase seasonal decorations and share how to recreate them. I love decorating for the holidays and marking the changes of season with a variety of holiday garlands, table settings, vignettes, and general crafts. Too often I see an amazing interior and then spend hours trying to Google how to recreate it. Or I’ll see an awesome craft and wonder how the heck I could use it in my home.  Craft Thyme tries to save you the ‘time’ (see what I did there?).

However, the blog has slowly evolved to take into account the shared passions that my partner, Adam, and I have.  I have blogged periodically for years but recent life changes have distilled down what I really love and want out of life.  WE truly have a passion for DIY and gardening.  WE developed a shared industrial touched style for our home.  WE found that we enjoy some of the hippie aspects of organic gardening, backyard chicken keeping, and composting.  WE are spending countless hours learning these new subjects.  So the blog needed to change.  While most often the sometimes nightmarish writing will come from me (Brianna), the viewpoint is moving to our shared aesthetic and passions.

I hope you will benefit from our countless hours of crafting, gardening, and DIYing, with a little pinteresting, humor, and craft-beer drinking thrown in for good measure.


The People Behind Craft Thyme:


Ever written about yourself in the third person?  Yeah, Brianna feels like Elmo…

“I” have absolutely no idea what would be useful information for someone who wants to know more about me…  My interests canvas extremely unrelated subjects.  I can have a fine discussion on the merits of Renaissance art or database normalization.  However, for the sake of crafts and DIY here are the pertinent stats:

  • Graduated with a BA in Art (And you thought I was making it all up as I go. Tsk. Tsk)
  • Worked in Visuals and Visual Merchandising for clothing retail
  • Came from a long line of crafters (I’ll make sure to post some of the dubious crafts Granny Pope created)
  • Gardened my whole life
  • Attended multiple Organic Growers Conferences
  • Worked in an Architect’s Office assisting with interior design

Yeah, so, I am pretty much making it up as I go.

As for the personal:  Let us not comment on the variety of jobs I held before I found a passion working in IT. Though it gives me the background to create and plant the things you see on this blog. Moving on… I live in Western North Carolina, in the beer making, hipster loving capital of the South, Asheville.  Specifically, the eclectic region of West Asheville.  I garden, I read, I work outside and inside the home, I learn, I love, and tag-team the raising of a small herd of boys with my partner, Adam.

I love the act of creating.  It is what drives me to make and write about projects I create for this site.  The act of crafting something…anything, is cathartic.  Not to mention the added benefit of being surrounded by beautiful things, plants, and people.

So that is me in a nutshell.  Have a burning question?  Don’t want to leave a comment?  Feel free to contact me at brianna@craftthyme.com.


Note the big blank space here…  Maybe one day I’ll get him to add his bio.





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  1. Girl, I feel like you are a long lost friend! Love your voice. Hope to connect somehow!

    1. That is the sweetest comment ever. I’ll be sure to check out your blog.

  2. I’m in. Like your perspective and look forward to your projects and ideas.

  3. So happy to find your site! Love your ideas, and commentary….could we be related?? :)

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