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Christmas Tour 2011: Virtual Style

In 2010 we insanely agreed to be part of a charity tour of homes. If we never have to do that level of decorating again it will be to soon. Instead I kept my decorations simple and my tour more virtual in 2011. Hope you Enjoy!

Welcome to our humble abode bungalow. Right now we are a family of three, though Willis 2.0 will make us a family of four early in 2012. That should put any questions to rest about whether my belly is a baby bump or if I have been over sampling Patrick’s homebrew.

Head right past my handmade evergreen wreath (with dollar store bow) and lit lanterns which hopefully add a little cheer as you scurry past out of the cold. For some added spirit our gargoyles got some much needed winter-weather gear to keep them warm.

Come in! Pass by our unusual stocking display and warm up at our holiday mantel with accompanying local, farm-fresh mini tree. You can learn more about about the farm and see this tree (not shown) on Wednesday, December 14th.

Come closer to see the hand-made crystal accents, epsom salt candle holders, and soap flocked pine cones. Yep, I’m proud of this year’s low key craftiness.

I would offer you dinner, but I’m not a fan of cooking… Now baking I can get behind! Try some home-made gingerbread cake

and enjoy the dining room. We’ll fill these place settings with some sort of awesome take-out in a few minutes.

What?! You wanted real food? Well then, do what Patrick and I do: Mooch off my parents. They are great cooks and can really throw a party!

or hit up Santa Claus. I heard he sets a great table, but McClain wasn’t in the mood to find out this year.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Come by next week to talk about New Years, because frankly we are already sick of these Christmas decorations and ready to focus on 2012.

Oh and in case you didn’t figure it out, all those links lead to detailed posts about each of the stops on the tour.

41 thoughts on “Christmas Tour 2011: Virtual Style

  1. Mostly I love your style of writing!! I want more more more! Here’s a little clue on the making snow thingie
    I buy the stuff in a can at Home Depot … lol … Snow for dummies!
    Wishing you and your adorable family the very best of everything!!
    Hugs, P.S.

  2. Great simple Christmas and right up my alley

    1. So glad you enjoyed!

  3. Beautiful festive home. Love your tablescape! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your new upcoming addition!

    1. We’re excited about our next step. I doubt with two I’ll be going this all out with the decorations next year.

  4. your home is gorgeous, but that last picture is priceless!

    1. Thanks so much!

  5. Found you via The Nester as well, and had to click here because I was a mountain dweller (Mt. Hood, in Oregon) for the last 20ish years. Moved down off just last summer (for health reasons–physical and economic, mostly). Really like your simple, real Christmas–of which your son on Santa’s lap is likely the best example! The one of my babies at the same age (they are twins) includes their dad and me–the only way to get a pic without tears. That poor Santa earned his cookies that day, I’ll tell ya!

    1. It seems like it is the rare child that sits sweetly for photos. Certainly mine wasn’t feeling it. Thanks for dropping by!

  6. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and your adorable little man ! I have a picture of each of my children just like that !
    I particularly like the shaved soap idea. I have never seen that before.
    I’m on the tour too , please visit if you have time !
    Dawn @ MakingHome

    1. I’ll absolutely drop by. Thanks for visiting.

  7. Thanks for the beautiful tour, love your tree and candles, they’re so pretty.Your sweet son was just not that into Santa lol, its a great picture.

    1. I’m hoping Santa is a bigger hit next year. I appreciate you dropping by the tour!

  8. visiting from Massachusetts! Your home looks so cozy!

    1. Glad to have you!

  9. I Loooove, Looooove, Looooooove your gray fireplace set up. Especially the bowl of “snow” covered pine cones. So pretty!

    This home holiday tour thing is pretty great!

    1. It is pretty awesome! Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Loving the gargoyle! The last picture is too cute.

    1. The in-laws nabbed us a set of gargoyles. Little nod to the husband’s love of history.

  11. Hi there! I LOVE the candles on your mantle. Also – I don’t know what part of the NC mountains you live in but I live in those mountains too. LOVE this place!

    1. I’m just west of Asheville! Glad to have such a “local” neighbor crop in!

  12. Love your post! Im joining The Nesters tour this year from New Zealand :) Happy holidays

    1. Welcome from across the world! Thanks for dropping by.

  13. Im a big fan of simple decor… Beautiful touches! Love your candles and I had to laugh at that Santa photo! ;)

  14. It’s just lovely. I’m all for simple.

    1. Simple seems to be something I need to work on. Leave it to me to consistently complicate tasks.

  15. Beautiful tour, thank you for sharing!
    Poor baby :)

  16. Awww, your poor little guy! I know he was upset, but it’s a GREAT photo!

    1. We will treasure it always :)

  17. I loved the last photo too, and have similar ones of my now young teens as little ones. Priceless! Your tree and mantel are lovely and I agree with you on the baking part. I would far rather bake then cook! Thanks for welcoming us.

    1. Glad to know there are other bakers who hate to cook. i thought I was a living oxymoron.

  18. I agree – low key is great! and you have proved it!

    1. Thanks for the complement. Now I just need to repeat “low key, low key” for every task I set myself.

  19. Well, I have to say, that last picture was the icing on the cake–Hilarious!

    1. Thanks! It makes us laugh every time we look it too!

  20. You have a beautiful home and family! Congratulations on Baby #2! I stopped by from the Inspired Room. I am from Livonia, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit in Southeastern Michigan. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks for visiting! Michigan… I bet it is a lot chillier there.

  21. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Your home looks wonderful…and congratulations on the baby bump!!

    1. Thanks! Just a few more months to go.

  22. Loved your home tour! I LOVE your mantle, the epsom salt candleholders, the snowflakes, the basket of pinecones & the rustic trees! Love it!! And OH.MY.GOSH, your little boy screaming on santa’s lap made me laugh! Poor thing!! LOL :-). I kept my decorations low key this year too. Just enough for it to be festive without making me exhausted! Merry Christmas & thanks for sharing your home!

    1. Honestly we have laughed our collective arses off at his photo. The people at the mall were super concerned even stating “We didn’t have to buy the photo”. Patrick, was not about to leave without a copy of his angry fit.

      I’m learning that low-key can be just as pretty! Thanks for stopping by.

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