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Mixed Berry Sangria

Mixed berry sangria garnished with lemon balm

Sangria is perfect for anytime of year.  But this mixed berry sangria recipe adds a hint of lemonade, making it perfect for summer. It is a super easy recipe for sangria that everyone will rave over at dinner parties.  You can pretend it took a lot of time and labor.  I won’t tell.Mixed berry sangria garnished with lemon balm


1/2 to 1 bottle of White or Blush Wine (don’t go for super expensive but don’t go for super cheap)

1/4 Cup Chambord

1/4 Cup Peach Schnapps


Superfine or Confectioners Sugar (if not using a sweet commercial lemonade)

2 Cups mixed berries (frozen or fresh)

Lemon Balm (for garnish)

Mixed berry and lemonade sangria recipe

Directions For Awesomeness

Fill a pitcher 1/2 full with wine.  Add the liqueurs and the berries.  Top off with lemonade.  Taste test and add sugar till sweet enough for your tastes (I like mine tart so I don’t add sugar).  Allow the mixture to set overnight as it will develop more berry flavor.  Pour into glasses and garnish with fresh lemon balm.

Pitcher of mixed berry sangria



While you are waiting for the Sangria to develop you probably have an almost full bottle of Chambord and Schnapps with a half a bottle of wine…  Do I need to fill your time in for you?

Have you ever had Chambord over ice cream?  I mean what is there not to like about alcohol and ice cream? Or Schnapps in lemonade? Or alcohol in alcohol… Did I mention I have two boys.  Ages 3 and 1. Yeah I know my way around some alcohol.  Hope you enjoy as well ;).

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