Egg Laying and Chicken Tracking Spreadsheet

Do you have chickens? Do you like spreadsheets? Then I have the Egg Laying Spreadsheet for you! No really, joking pitch aside, I have created this free chicken tracker and egg production spreadsheet for you.  You can scroll to the bottom of the directions to get your free egg laying and chicken production spreadsheet if you aren’t into reading about the spreadsheet.  There is also a link copy that shows you what it looks like with data.

Who is this chicken tracker and egg laying spreadsheet for?

Both the home hobbyist, the small farmer, and geek extraordinaire.

Truth time: I made this chicken egg production spreadsheet for myself because I am a geek and wanted to know if my chickens ever broke even, cost-wise, when I sell their excess eggs (Spoiler: I’d keep the chickens anyway). I love tracking all types of things, but I just cannot do it on paper. I like using Google Sheets because they are free and easily accessible from my phone.  Right now I am offering the chicken tracker and egg production spreadsheet only as a Google Sheet. However, if you desperately need this Egg Laying Spreadsheet in an excel format let me know in the comments. If there is enough interest I’ll convert it for you.

I envision a number of enhancements for 2019! But I wanted to get it out there for other people to use this year and give me feedback about what else they might want to see.

Here is what the Egg Laying Spreadsheet contains:

  • At a glance chart (auto fills)
  • Summary statistics, example: average eggs per hen, eggs per month (autofills)
  • Chicken Log
  • Egg Log
  • Expense Tracking (optional)
  • Income Tracking (optional)

Best Part! You enter you expenses, income, and eggs in each sheet and the statistics and charts automatically update! Booyah!

Egg Laying Spreadsheet Dashboard

My day job is in Business Intelligence so I know people need a variety of ways to digest data. For visual learners the Egg Laying spreadsheet starts with some at-a-glance charts. First you can see how your monthly profit is going and how your running year-to-date profit is headed.  Trust me, the fake data you see below is nothing like my actual profit…  Which is well below zero this year.

My favorite part are the egg spreadsheets. Even if you have no interest in profit and loss you can see your total eggs, egg size, and color all compared!

Dashboard for free egg production and chicken tracker

Chicken Summary Statistics

Need more numbers?  Average eggs per hen? Year-to-date profit on your chickens?  Then the Summary Statistics page in the Egg Laying Spreadsheet is all for you.  All items automatically populate from the items you enter in the next few sheets.

egg size and color tracker for checking the production of your backyard flock

Chicken Log

This is the main portion of the spreadsheet. It started as a place to keep information about all of our new chicks but has evolved to meet a variety of your needs. The whole spreadsheet links from knowing when your chicks start laying, if they died or were sold, and other notes. The key fields that need to be filled in correctly for the Egg Laying Spreadsheet to work:

  • Laying Date
  • Death/Sale date if applicable

Log of chickens for entering and tracking details of a small flock

Egg Log

This is the fun spreadsheet! I simply pull this sheet up on my phone when I collect eggs and put in the numbers. It is pretty simple, just put how many eggs of each type and color in the appropriate slots. The totals will auto-calculate for you and update the summaries and charts as you go. I have left what exactly goes in sizes and colors up to you.  I tend to put cream eggs with white and tan eggs with brown, etc. but that decision is up to the individual chicken owner.  Pro-tip: you can put in total eggs, and skip color and sizes but you will lose you size and color charts.

egg tracker for color and size from hens


Expense & Income Tracker

For those chicken owners that want to get a little more into the numbers the expense and income sheets exist. I have some suggested categories for chicken owners, but in reality you can put whatever you want. I am hoping to add more statistics and charts based on the categories in the future. Some examples I am considering: Cost of each egg per amount of feed, Average Carton Price, etc.

If you are a hobbyist and just want to look at how many eggs you have, you can skip these pages or fill out the bare minimum:

  • Date
  • Amount

expense tracking spreadsheet for chicken owners

Categories that must be filled out are marked with an asterisk *.  Filling those columns in is all that is required to use the Chicken Egg Tracking Spreadsheet. I really want feedback from you about what else you might want this spreadsheet to do. Please let me know in the comments and if you found it useful then please share this on social media. 

Empty Chicken Tracker You Can Use This sheet will prompt you to make a clean copy ready for you to fill in with your information.

Example Chicken Tracker and Egg Laying Spreadsheet with Data   Use this sheet to view how you might want to fill your in

I spent a lot of time creating something I thought might be of value to you, chicken owners, and would like to have your feedback. Please let me know in the comments what other items you might want to see in the spreadsheet. I’ll see about future enhancements for later this year!

Free chicken tracker and egg laying spreadsheet

8 thoughts on “Egg Laying and Chicken Tracking Spreadsheet

  1. Thank you very much for this. I had been looking for an app that would allow me to track eggs, but only a couple I could find and they were not really what I was looking for.
    This looks like exactly what I need :)

  2. Thank you so much for creating this, I can’t wait to try it!

    Always remember too what Joel Saladin says, “every dollar you don’t have to earn is worth a dollar thirty because you don’t pay taxes on it”. We would buy at least 2 dozen organic eggs a week without our chickens! So looking forward to tracking all this!

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