How to Make No Sew Fabric Napkins

Fabric napkins always add a bit of ambiance to any table setting.  However, the cost of pretty embellished fabric napkins can add up quick.  My solution?  Make your own no-sew, embellished fabric napkins!  You could absolutely sew these napkins, but 1.  I hate dragging out the machine and 2.  not everyone sews. On to the tutorial:

No Sew Fabric Napkins



No Sew Napkin Supplies
We will get to the purposed of that red and orange striped towel in a minute.
  • Fabric Squares: I have used a faux linen here.  You could also use a cheap plain fabric napkin.
  • Fabric strips: 17-20 inches in length and .5-1 inch in width
  • Heat’n Bond iron on adhesive
  • An iron
  • A towel An ironing board

Step 1 Prepare the Fabric (not shown)

I am going to save you the boredom of seeing a picture of me me cutting a 17 inch square of fabric.  Just remember if you aren’t going to hem the fabric pick a tight weave that you can fray a little bit of the ends.  If you are new to buying fabric look for a one that doesn’t have tons of strings hanging off the cut end.  Also cut some thin strips of fabric.  If you do not have excess/scrap fabric laying around, then I suggest just buy some of the tiny quilting samples (like the 1/8 yard).  You do not need a lot of fabric at all.

Step 2 Lay Out the Heat Bond

Laying out Heat'n Bond
I promise I will explain the towel in a second.

Lay out a one tiny strip of Heat’n Bond.  Make sure to start and end the strip right inside the fringe.  I know it is hard to imagine this almost transparent item will do anything, but I can promise it will!  Finally, lay one strip of colorful fabric over the top.

Step 3 Irons Away

Iron setting the heat'n bond
And now to that ugly beach towel!

Alright here is where I tell you, in the immortal words of Genesis’ Jesus He Knows Me , do the following directions as “I say, don’t do as I do.”

Here is where you should read the directions on the Heat’n Bond.  Iron carefully etc.

However, I have had mighty good results with throwing a towel down, cranking up the iron and slapping it together.  The ugly beach towel is a lot easier to grab than finding out where exactly I have stuffed the ironing board in the basement.

So step 3 really just consists of ironing.

Step 4 Trimming

Finishing no-sew cloth napkinsFinally, just trim the excess fabric to the edge of the fringe.  If any area doesn’t feel secure you can always tuck a little more Heat’n Bond under the fabric and iron.


Yes these are washable!  The fabric may fray more (though I like the look) and if you dry them with heat some of the Heat’n Bond may loosen.  I am so lazy that I keep some Heat’n Bond by the iron to fix no-sew items or torn hems on pants.

Thursday these napkins will get used to create the perfect in a full Place Setting.

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    • Thanks for dropping by! It is super quick so if you wanted to match a theme it would be easy to make these napkins in whatever color or pattern you needed.

    • I love to sew! I have used light fusible to stabilize applique before. It makes it so much easier to sew down without bunching or wrinkles. Especially if one of the fabrics is slick.


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