Vintage Fourth of July Wreath

Putting together a vintage inspired wreath was easy.  I had some paper medallions left from the 4th of July mantel and an old grapevine wreath sitting in the basement.  Simply find your glue of choice and go to town! On a side note, this may come across as a lazy post.  But just because I already had the items on hand doesn’t make it lazy… Well it might, but hell, did you see the mess I made already this week?  At least this craft came out lovely.

4th of July wreath made with paper medallions and stars

Here are all the tutorials you need:

How to Make 5 Pointed Stars

How to Make Paper Medallions

Free Printable Paper Rosettes or Medallion Template

Just remember to use a more muted blues, reds, and golds, if you want an old-fashioned or vintage Fourth of July wreath.Details of a Fourth of July wreath made with paper medallions and stars

Happy 4th of July from Craft Thyme

4th of July grapevine wreath made paper stars and rosettes
And one final picture to get the full mood. Or because I had already taken, edited, watermarked, and resized that puppy. I’m using this picture somewhere after that much work.

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