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DIY Halloween Costume: Toddler Braveheart

Instead of DIY Wednesday we are doing it a day early. The reason? A simple costume for Halloween that I simply must show off! William Wallace aka Braveheart toddler style:

It got very cold, so, yes he does have pants under that kilt… and an extra shirt under his shirt. This costume also included a buckler and sword, but being almost two years old he quickly figured out throwing the sword and shield was super fun. This was our followup to last year’s viking costume.

How to Create A Toddler Friendly Version of Braveheart aka William Wallace

Materials: Plaid, Brown T-shirt, Brown Duct tape

Optional Materials: Faux Leather, Brass buttons, Sewing Skills

Steps 1

Create a kilt. If you have sewing skills then go ahead pleat and add elastic. Otherwise simply cut a strip, wrap it around the toddlers waist and secure with a safety pin. In either case don’t worry about hemming. I even unravelled a bit of the edge to give it a worn appearance.

Step 2

Before putting the t-shirt on the toddler take an extra piece of plaid and either sew or safety pin it to the shoulder and waist of the t-shirt so this it drapes across the front. Do this BEFORE putting the shirt on. (Are you sensing the ‘before’ theme?) This will keep the toddler from getting obsessed with the plaid on the shirt.

Step 3

Paint face blue. Use a little cream makeup and put it on lightly. If it isn’t thick they can’t smear it much and McClain got a hoot out of watching me put it on in the mirror. If your toddler refuses then no big deal, just have them go as a Highland Scot.

Step 4

If you can sew: I added brass buttons to look like fancy pins at the shoulders, braided a leather belt to hang over, also sewn to the shirt. You can use strips of brown duct tape to mimic leather as well. Everything was attached so he wouldn’t have to fiddle with the costume.

I like to keep it simple and comfortable for a toddler. Certainly, I could have added more armor etc, but this gives the idea and he was free to run around and Trick or Treat in comfort.

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