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Replacement Windows, The Finished Project Before and After

1927 house after replacing 52 windows

If you have been following along with our vinyl replacement window saga than you are probably more than ready to see the final product.  Here are some shots of what it looks like to have 52 original single hung windows replaced with new vinyl casement windows.  If you are interested in the process of having replacement windows installed you can read all about the process in the below pages.  Hopefully, all the information provided will allow you to circumvent some of the issues we had with installation of our replacement windows.

Oh and for full disclosure.  We paid for all of this work ourselves.  I am solely providing this information to help others out.  Home renovation is scary and costly at the best of times.  I wish I had some of this knowledge before going in on a major renovation like replacement windows for the first time in one unbiased place.

Everything You Need to Know About Replacement Windows: An Intro Primer

What to Expect When Installing Replacement Windows

Replacement Window Installation: The Actual Process

Capping A Metal Alternative to Finishing your Windows: Got Lead? Got Ugly? Capping Can Help

So now that you have heard all about the process of replacement windows it is time to actually see them in action!

Bam! Before & After

Before and after of vinyl replacement windowsYes, that is two of the 52 replacement windows in all of its finished glory.

And here is a nice set on the front porch

Replacement windows with metal capping for looks and lead safety.

Oh and it looks good from the interior too!

Follow our guide to have smooth vinyl replacement window installation.
I think it modernizes the house!  Which was great but also increased out tax value :(.  This picture is from our local paper by Maddy Jones.  You can see the article at the Citizen Times Website. While the increased taxes made us sad the lack of drafts and the crisp modern look was worth all the effort!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this series! Super informative.

  2. I love the replacement windows finish project! I love it!

  3. Loving the new windows! I wish we could have ours replaced, but that won’t happen until at least next year. Love how you chose black for the outside, that is so dramatic.

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