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Patterned Easter Eggs

Folk Art Easter Eggs

Easter is just around the corner and I wanted to make some pretty floral patterned Easter Eggs.  These will be part of my Easter table setting (coming next week).  I blew out some eggs a couple of weeks ago and they have just been sitting…  Waiting… for divine Eggspiration.

Folk Art Easter Eggs
Bring on the Pattern

Got a wild hair and grabbed some permanent markers. Voila!  I did these all freehand while trying to throw a ball to McClain and keep Conlan from exercising his new found ability to crawl… off the porch.  Imagine if I had a stencil or even a reference pattern!

Easter Eggs that are Patterned

If using permanent markers I would strongly suggest to NOT eat the egg.  I wasn’t using hard boiled eggs, but I can’t imagine eating anything that smells like those markers do.  But, the markers make a quick and easy way to make colorful patterns on Easter Eggs.

Using Permanent Markers To Dye Easter Eggs

If you want to see these eggs in their final table setting I’ll post a link here when it goes live next week.

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