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2020 Egg & Poultry Tracker

Example of the new graphs available in the free 2020 egg tracker

Edit: We now have a 2024 Version Available!

If you are a home enthusiast or small farm you will want to check out this year’s annual free egg tracker. That’s right, it is time for our annual update to the egg tracking spreadsheet and this year is a dooooozy of updates. If you downloaded our free chicken egg tracker before then you know we strive to allow for flexibility in how many details you track with your chickens. So you may be excited to hear we gave the egg tracker a brand new update that expanded the same egg size and color, breed, and income/expenses to other types of poultry. Now you can track egg production for your chicken, ducks, and quail!

Updates to the free 2020 Chicken Egg Tracker aka Poultry Egg Tracker

  • Renamed to the 2020 Poultry Tracker
  • Handles leap year
  • Fixed some bugs helpful readers corrected throughout the year
  • Added ducks
  • Added quail
  • Added new summary statistics for better understanding of your best species and egg layers
  • Added new graphs to assist in at-a-glance understanding of your laying flock
  • Added capacity to track new egg colors
  • Fixed atrocious spelling errors that have been there waaaaayyyyy too long
Example of the new graphs available in the free 2020 egg tracker

Highlights of the Poultry Egg Tracker

My favorite change is the new color breakdown donut chart. The colors aren’t glamorous, but you can actually tell which color eggs are your breakouts without reading tiny print.

I also love having a sheet where I can add my coturnix quail eggs along with my chicken egg tracking. We aren’t into ducks yet, but I had Arrowhead Point Farms reach out and show me some of the changes they had made to accommodate their ducks, which got me excited to add both types of poultry. Speaking of… If you are one of the lucky few with Cayuga ducks I added a grey color type into the sheet to track your awesome eggs!

Finally, I spent some time breaking down egg production AND grouping egg production so you can see all your flocks combined or broken out by species and egg color.

What Functionality Hasn’t Changed

You can still put minimal data into the sheet and simply track your eggs. Columns that have to be filled out in order for it to work have been marked with an astrik. Not into tracking colors or sizes? Then just fill out total eggs by color or just total eggs. Only have one species? No problem, just fill out chickens OR ducks OR quail. It will all still work.

One thing I didn’t do this year was make a pared down version of the 2019 chicken egg tracking spreadsheet. I didn’t get any feedback on it or requests for assistance. So either it was really awesome! Or people weren’t using it. If you need a 2020 version of the simple chicken egg tracker let me know and I’ll whip one up.

How Do I Get My Tracker?

Click the link below and you will be prompted to make a copy to your Google Drive. Make the copy and then run with it. Please note, I only give copy access to the Poultry Egg Tracking Spreadsheet. This avoids someone accidentally messing the entire sheet up.

Free 2020 Poultry & Egg Tracker (Copy Only)

If you would like to see an example all filled out you can click this link:

2020 Poultry & Egg Tracker w/Examples (View Only)

If you want more directions on how to use the poultry egg tracking spreadsheet I wrote a guide in 2018. Click the link below:

Directions on how to use the tracker

What Do We Ask For In Return?

If you like/use the tracker we simply ask that you spread the word about the free poultry egg tracker to others and send in suggestions via comments. Each year we try to incorporate what readers want to see. You are free to use it for personal or business use. Just don’t try to sell it as your product because that makes you a meanie, not nice person.

13 thoughts on “2020 Egg & Poultry Tracker

  1. I am in love with your egg tracker. Please, do tell when you are putting out a 2021 version! <3

  2. Thanks for making this spread sheet available for free! I’ve been tracking my girl’s production since mid June and there’s been a few surprises! I’d like to request an area formatted to leave daily notes for things like egg oddities or miss-fires, weather or feed changes, etc. on a daily basis. These all impact production and its been helpful to link egg production directly to changes in feed, etc., thanks to (my mods of) your tracker! Something else helpful would be a weekly subtotal on the egg log so that I can track how many dozen eggs produced per week. That way I can mark my cartons by date and there is less math. That would help me keep the eggs fresh and to know what dates I give away. A “collection date” column on the income page to track freshness dates would work too! Is there the possibility for a copy of this in MS Excel format? That way on days I don’t have the internet (happens a lot now that everyone is working from home!) I will still be able to track when using my computer. Thanks again for your hard work, I’ve referred your tracker to several friends and coworkers! <3

    1. These are really great ideas. I’m keeping a list for 2021 updates. I’ll add these in and see what we can incorporate.

  3. More chickens(!!!!!) should be an expense as well as Health/First Aid!

    1. And hatching eggs. I’ll see what I can do for 2021!

  4. I found that on the summary sheet that the average number of eggs per Hen per year was always showing zero even after adding eggs in. In looking as to why I found that M2 to M4 were also zero. The formula was referencing ‘Poultry Log’ !ME:M in all 3 cells. Them M column is the notes column. It should be referencing column L which is the Type. Thank you for the great spreadsheet.

  5. It seems the 31st of December was left off the log. I added it to mine but thought you may want to correct it for your own purposes.

    1. Good catch! Corrected for everyone now.

  6. On the Summary Statistics page, it’s pulling eggs laid for December even though none are logged in December. It appears it’s taking what’s logged for 1/1/2020. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to fix it! This is my second year using this spreadsheet and I just love it!

    1. I’m going to be real honest. I do not have a clue why the formula started populating December. That was actually a part of the sheet I didn’t change! That being said I have published a fix if you want to get a new sheet.

      1. Could it be because Dec 31 was input as 12/31//2020? Now it isn’t a date.

        1. Looking into both issues.

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