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Happy Late Halloween

We were a little too busy celebrating Halloween and scraping paint off the mantel to wish you a Happy Halloween. We took the baby viking out for a spin. I couldn’t help but share the infant viking costume I made. It even had a felt axe to go with it:

Pacifiers keep him from pillaging the village. See, here is what happens when he doesn’t have one:

Marauding Baby! Run!

I made his baby viking costume, it was pretty easy just fake fur, felt, and leather string.

The rest of the evening we spent giving out candy to around 200 trick-or-treaters and hanging with our friends who helped pass it all out. Our new street was bumping!

As the evening wore on I thought to tell my friends that are getting ready to have babies, one of the best things about holidays is that you get to relive them all over again through your kids. This Halloween was just perfect for McClain’s first. I hope yours was just as nice!

4 thoughts on “Happy Late Halloween

  1. I love your Viking’s costume. My 5 month old grandson will be a pumpkin this year but next year, he will be a Viking. Thank You for the wonderful ideas.

    1. It is super simple to just cover them in some fake fur. The only part that took any sewing skill was the hat. Felt made it easy though to kind of stretch and mold.

  2. Really loved your costume. My granddaughter is Freya (a Viking goddess per my daughter). Would love any guidance you can give me to make a similar costume for her and her brother. Thanks. Mari

    1. Thanks so much. Really all I did was grab some fake fur at the fabric store. It doesn’t unravel so the ‘boots’ were just fabric with slits that I tied up with leather ties. The vest was similar, I did run a couple of seams to make a vest. I just kind winged the shape off of his clothing. Since it is cool in Western North Carolina I got a tan shirt to go under the vest. The only thin that took work was the hat. I took a couple pieces of dollar felt and made a basic conical hat and then hand stitched a piece over the seams to look like ridged metal and added little baby horns. If I had a girl I would have totally added wings to the sides of the helmet. Beautiful name for your granddaughter!

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