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How to Dye Crepe Paper

How to Dye Crepe Paper

I wanted to dye crepe paper streamers so I could get a whole variety of colors and variations in my decorations.  I love color but the brightly dyed store bought colors just weren’t enough for me.  However, pouring paint etc on the streamers tended to make a soggy-fugly mess.  It took me awhile to figure out a process for dying them that would keep the crepe texture.

How to Dye Crepe Paper
Colors! I love Colors!



  • White or Light Colored Crepe Paper
  • Dye– See the recipe here
  • Alcohol: 90% is best (If you want pastel)
  • Um yeah that’s it…  Sometimes crafts don’t require a lot of things.  But don’t mention it.  I’ll take any opportunity to take a trip to the craft store.

Step 1

Make rolls of the colors you want to create.  One large roll of crepe paper is around 150 ft.  I always divide mine into three.  And no it isn’t necessary to be as anal as myself and wrap it so neatly.  That just takes a special kind of crazy.  It will dye if the rolls are fairly tight.

Step 1 assemble rolls
Wow, I can’t believe how anal I am at re-rolling the crepe paper.

Step 2 (For Pastel Colors Only)

Remember this is for pastel colors only!  I repeat pastel only.  Soak each roll in plain alcohol to wet it.  Don’t drench it but go ahead and dampen the whole roll.

Step 2 Wet the Paper
So… you might want to consider covering your work area or putting these on a tray… I have a lovely 70’s counter top that you can see I care for a lot.

Step 3

Now the fun part!  Pour on the dye.  Soak that puppy!  I like to pour it in the middle, then flip it over and do the other side.  Now would be a good time to remember gloves so you don’t stain your hands…  Or just tell your friends it is the newest trend in finger dye.  If you aren’t going for pastel it will take more dye since the rolls aren’t wet to begin with.

Pouring DyeStep 4

This is the hard one!  Wait.  Yeah you have to let it dry.  You can squeeze a a little of the excess out, but gently.  If you squish the roll too much then you risk ruining the crepe texture.  I have been known to stick them on top of heating vents in the winter months…  Usually overnight the alcohol evaporates and you have a nice dry roll.

Final Notes

Here you can see the variation between a pre-soaked pastel crepe roll and direct dye crepe roll.  The paper itself will separate out some of the component dyes…  So in less technical terms: Orange is going to leave splotches of red and yellow.  But they are pretty splotches.

Hand Dyed Crepe Paper
So much prettier than store bought.

Want to see what you can do with all this crepe paper?  Check out the inspiration for this tutorial in my Spring Garland Post.

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Crepe Paper Tutorials

Crepe and tissue paper decoration detail

I need some Spring color!  Enter: an array of tissue and crepe paper garlands, tassels, and streamers. For a list of crepe paper tutorials on how to make each and every item shown scroll on down!  Instead of making the regular ho-hum mantel display I thought I would give my entryway some Spring umph.  As an added bonus I set up an area to take some pictures of the kids,using the decorations as a photo backdrop.

Crepe and tissue paper decorations
You’ll note that none of the kids are actually sitting nicely enough for pictures. So I used myself.  Yeah I am really that pale.

Crepe and tissue paper is inexpensive and can be turned into garlands, tassels, streamers, puffs.  Basically it is some versatile shiznit if you want some cheap and fancy looking decorations.  I really wanted a mix of textures and colors.  You can see a bit of the variety in this detail shot.  After making them all, I hung them from some lightweight command hooks.  Easiest thing to make a temporary display, plus crepe paper is so lightweight it takes nothing to hang them.

Crepe Paper Tutorials


Since I basically had a love affair with tissue and crepe paper I have a ton of tutorials to offer:

Crepe Paper Tutorials

In the mean time check out some of the details:

Crepe and tissue paper decoration detail

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