Zombie Candles For Halloween

I happen to be just a tiny bit obsessed with the undead.  I love to watch zombie movies! Needless to say with Halloween rolling around I needed to make something related to zombies.  In comes the idea for inanimate objects turned into zombies and out rolls my tutorial for undead candles:

How to make your very own, undead candlesThe following tutorial involves flame, knives, and paint attached to questionably flammable surfaces.  Basically, do not try this at home and then sue me.  I have no money anyway. 

Supplies for the Zombie Apocalypse:

Candles: White or suitably decaying flesh color

Steak/Serrated Knife

Flame in the form of lighter

Cheap Acrylic Paint: Black, White, Red, Green

Foam Brush

Step 1 Day One/Ground Zero: Distress Their Nervous Systems

Distressing the exterior of the zombie candle


First you need to infect your candles with the zombie virus.  I find the best way to accomplish this is to burn, hack tooth like marks, and roll them in melted pools of wax.  Basically get the exterior all roughed up.  I make sure to saw some nice tooth marks into the surface.  Be very careful when applying flame and using a knife.  You wouldn’t want to infect yourself.

Step 2 Day 5: Rot Sets In

Sponging thin green paint onto the surface of the candles


Once the candles have died and risen as zombies, rot will begin to take over their bodies (especially if you live in the humid southern regions).  To help your zombie candles along, thin some greenish paint with water and sponge it over the candles.  Since the coat of paint is thin it will bead on the surface of the candle.  This is fine!  Just let iit dry.

Step 3 Day 10: Zombie Candles Begin To Moan

Adding a greyish layer of paint to zombie candlesIf your candles begin to shamble and moan don’t worry!  You are almost done with those decaying pieces of decor.  Mix some black, white, with red or green to get a nice thick coat of undead color.  Sponge it on liberally and do NOT thin with water.  Any gashes and tooth marks can be left unpainted.  Let dry and try not to leave your candles near any brains.

Step 4 Day 15: Transformation Complete No One Makes It To Day 28

Adding faux blood to the candles


Your candles are probably shambling about the neighborhood.  Now is the perfect time to corral them and check out any bloody wounds they may have received on the hunt.  Simply apply a thick coat of dark red paint to any bite marks/gashes and let it drip down.  For an added bonus add ‘bloody’ fingerprints.

Once dry you have your own piece of undead decor.

Undead Candles


Since I have no urge to become undead myself I use caution when burning these candles as acrylic paint is not meant to be burnt.  I prefer to use older candles that are burned down in the center so I can insert a battery operate tea light and stay away from the whole flame thing.

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23 thoughts on “Zombie Candles For Halloween”

  1. I feel a Zombie Candle attack coming to OneandSeventy very soon! This is a great idea, especially for all those candles you can hardly light anymore, because they’ve burnt all the way down the middle. Have you discovered the remote controlled battery tea lights? Genius! And perfect for these. Thanks for sharing. Sue (via the Made in a Day Halloween Party)

  2. What a clever and interesting idea. Your Halloween is right up my ally! Stopping by to let you know I am featuring your candles at this weeks Halloween Spooktacular Linky Party! Thank so much for linking up! Have a great week!

  3. Hi Brianna! Loving the zombie themed candles! they are super cool and perfect for Halloween. I’m stopping by to let you know that you’ve been featured at this week’s Get Crafty Friday link party! I hope you will stop by and share with us again.


  4. This was such a creative tutorial – I had fun reading it :) These would be great to make for a Walking Dead or Warm Bodies watch party, or for a book club reading Rot and Ruin, Eat Brains Love, World War Z, or one of the other zombie books that are so popular right now!


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