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A Garland: Evil Eyes & Rotting Flesh

Evil eye and rotting flesh garland

The title of this post tickles me to no end.  I usually make ‘pretty’ garlands like these, but I just couldn’t help but make some gruesome rotting flesh with an evil eye centerpiece to go along with my Zombie Candles.

Evil eye and rotting flesh garland


I adore pretty Halloween with glittered skulls and fancy cocktails potions, but I was just in a more gruesome mood this year.  I don’t think many people will want to recreate this garland, but I did a quick mashup of the process in case anyone was interested.

It involves plaster, paint, and plastic sheeting.  Here is an interpretation of events from McClain, my 3 year old:

McClain: “Whatcha doing Mama?”

Me: “What does it look like I am doing?” (said nicely b/c I was curious what he thought)

McClain:”You’re making a BIG mess”

But it was a melty, drippy, bloody, gruesome mess.

Process to make a rotting flesh garland


After swirling plaster came a layer of paint (same colors used in the Zombie Candles).  FYI: you don’t have to wait for the plaster to fully dry before painting.  Just wait till it hardens.

Next week you can see the full Undead Mantel (10/16)

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4 thoughts on “A Garland: Evil Eyes & Rotting Flesh

  1. This made me cringe when i scrolled past the article! Amazing Halloween Decor, would be soooo great on the porch or stair railings – Imagine a longer drape of this surrounding you on both sides along the entrance up to a haunted house!

    1. That would be pretty gruesome indeed! Might have to do the porch next year!

  2. […] out my Evil Eye and Rotting Flesh Garland (10/8) and Final Halloween Mantel […]

  3. Okay, I hate eyeballs. They creep me out. Eyes should stay where they belong. I am an organ donor, for all organs but my eyes… just leave them where they are please!
    But I have to hand it to you… you can make things look super-creepy! Awesome Halloween decor, my friend.

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