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How to Make Evergreen Garland Video Tutorial

How to make Evergreen Garland for Christmas

If you have come here to learn how to DIY evergreen garland for Christmas you have come to the right place!  I have revamped the original tutorial with a video showing the tricks and techniques to make lovely, fresh evergreen garland for your home.  You can watch the video below and scroll down for a list of supplies and detail photos.  Or read the original How to Make Evergreen Garland or Swags post.

Supplies Needed

  1. 24 Gauge Floral Wire*
  2. Rustic Wire 18 Gauge* or Rope
  3. Pruning Shears*
  4. Gloves*: Wear the Gloves!!!!
  5. Evergreen pieces

Details: Starting the Garland

To start the evergreen garland make a loop with the thick wire.  This will be useful for hanging your garland later and give you a base to anchor the floral wire.

How to start making an evergreen garland

Really, put on your gloves after this part.  Otherwise be prepared for scratch, resin covered, hands.

Details: Wrapping the Evergreen

While, I may be awful at rapping, I am very good at wrapping.  This simple step is all you need to repeat to make a beautiful hand tied garland.

How to wrap a DIY evergreen garland.


  1. Evergreen items are cheap to free.  Walk around your back yard.  Ivy, pine, boxwood all make interesting additions.  Ask you neighbors and make sure to just cut small amounts so it does not even appear that you have been there.
  2. Do not be afraid to decorate your garland.  Additional branches, beads, and lights can make it look fabulous!
  3. Work outdoors if possible.  While the video was taken inside due to the wind, you are going to have a lot of pine needles around your house from the construction.
  4. Gloves. I am bad about wearing them. Which is why my hands are always cut and rough.

Remember if you need a full pictorial tutorial you can get a recap of the video.  Just visit my How to Make Evergreen Garland post.

How to make Evergreen Garland for Christmas

Feel like it is too much to make your own garland?  Well then read my tutorial on how to Make Artificial Garland Look Real for tips to cheat the DIY process and come out with beautiful Evergreen Christmas Garland.

10 thoughts on “How to Make Evergreen Garland Video Tutorial

  1. I was thinking about putting the stems in floral water tubes so the garland lasts more than 2 weeks. Ever try that? Granted, one would have to try harder to hide them. I am trying to find them big enough for the juniper stems.

    1. No, but that is a cool idea. I have a bunch of the tubes because I sell cuttings in them at plant shows in the summer.

  2. I would love to do accomplish this, this year – how do I preserve the greens to use indoors?

    1. There is not anyway I know of to truly preserve evergreens. I like to think that that the limited life span as decoration is part of their charm.

  3. Brianna, as always I love this tip! I’ve always loved evergreen garland and this makes it easier for me to accomplish, I’m going to Pin this for next year. We have an artificial tree and the worst part about decorating is fluffing the tree out each year. I dislike it intensely. I was thinking as I did it this year that I want a real tree next year so I don’t have to do this, then I can pick up extra greens to make the garland! Thanks for walking us through how to accomplish a gorgeous garland!!!

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  5. Hey Brianna, perfect timing! I want a little swag for my chandelier but didn’t want to have to buy one. I am doing this tomorrow!!! Thanks so much, Lynn

    1. Great! I would love to see a picture of your swag when you are done.

  6. I have looked all over the internet and I cannot for the life of me find the Evergreen rustic 18 gauge wire. The only ones that I can find are brown. Can you please direct me to the place where you bought your green 18 gauge rustic wire. I would really appreciate it. I am part of a garden club that makes wreaths for the holidays. Our budget for the year comes from them. We ended to workshop today and there were a lot of leftover branches, pine cones and ribbon. I’m really excited to use it, but I need to get the wire first. Please and thank you.

    1. I get mine from the floral section in michaels. Or you can use buy it from Amazon*.

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