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Simple Garland: Twisted Tissue Paper Puffs

Twisty tissue paper garland

Want to make a cheap, quick and easy garland?  Then enter tissue paper.  The green garland in the picture is the one we are going to learn how to make:

Twisty tissue paper garland
Okay, so technically there are two green garlands in this photo… Focus on the bright one.



  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors

Step 1

Cut long thin strips out of the sheet of tissue paper.  I made mine around 2 inches in thickness.  Feel free to eyeball it, you are going to be twisting it anyway.  So no cutting judges will be out to check your work.

Cutting strips of tissue paper
Do as I say and not as I do. An astute observer might note I cute these on the shorter side. It still works but you have to attach a ton more pieces together.

Step 2

If you folded the paper because you are lazy to make the strips quicker to cut then unfold each piece until it is a single thickness.  Take one end and begin to twist the paper through your fingers.  Gross, but useful tip: If you lick your fingers the twist will take tighter.  I mean you could probably dampen them with a sponge, but really…

Strips of tissue paper
If there was ever an action shot. This is it. #sarcasm

Step 3

Every 6 inches or so leave a gap in the twist of about two inches.  This will make the puff part.  When you come to the end of the strip overlap another piece by about 1 to 2 inches and twist it in.  It will take a little planning as you near each end so a puff doesn’t occur right as you are trying to add another piece.

Twisting the garland
Overlap, pinch, and twist. That is all there is to it.


The tissue paper is light enough that the twist holds all the pieces together without glue or tape.  However, I wouldn’t try scaling any castle walls with it.  Also one piece of tissue paper makes 12-16 feet of length.  So this project is very inexpensive.  Also to see more details of the garland in action you can go to my Spring Garland Photo Wall post.

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