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Gravestone Halloween Treat Bags

DIY Halloween Treat Bags in the shape of Gravestones

This weeks DIY project shows how to make some easy gravestone treat bags for Halloween. I am assuming you are making these for a party or small number of kids. We had over 150 trick or treaters last year so clearly they aren’t each getting hand made treat bags. However, some select family and friends will be getting Halloween favors.

DIY Halloween Treat Bags in the shape of Gravestones

Gravestone Treat Bags


Basic paper treat bag (Grey would speed up the process but good luck finding that)

Black & white acrylic paint (cheap is fine)

Old paint brush



Printer & stencil plastic

Repositionable Adhesive


Step 1: Cut Your Shapes

DIY Halloween Treat Bags in the shape of Gravestones
I promise the orange plate was un-intentionally Halloween.

I laid the bag flat and cut a simple notched shape along the top. Just Google gravestone images for basic shapes. It will leave a small triangle in the side which I leveled off with the scissors. You could make a template but I just eyeballed it.

You can freehand the ‘RIP’ but my hand writing is unattractive so I printed a Gothic font out of the computer. If you were assembling a large number (Anything over 15) go ahead and get some stencil plastic and cut letters from that. The plastic will remain intact through the entire project. If you are only doing a small batch then cardstock will hold up for some painting. Make sure to save the round parts out of the ‘R’ and ‘P’.

Step 2: Prep The Bag

DIY Halloween Treat Bags in the shape of Gravestones

To get the gravestone look I did a wash of grey on the outside. Just mix white with a little black. While the paint was still damp I used the brush to smudge in a darker grey to make it look worn. Then allowed the bag to dry.

If you were making a large number of these the process could be sped up by either purchasing grey bags or spray painting in batches.

Step 3: Stencil Time, Rest In Peace

DIY Halloween Treat Bags in the shape of Gravestones

If you used a stencil now is the time to LIGHTLY coat it with repositionable spray adhesive. Then take a tiny amount of black acrylic paint on a very dry brush and tap it into the blanks of the stencil. I tried to let the grey show through in places to give it an aged look.

DIY Halloween Treat Bags in the shape of Gravestones

Voila! Fill with treats and you are done.

11 thoughts on “Gravestone Halloween Treat Bags

  1. Brilliant!!!! Thank you so much for sharing these adorable treat bags! Pinned to my spooky beauties board!

    1. That is so nice! Thank you for pinning and thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hi Brianna – This is so cute and perfect for a party of if your neighborhood goes Boo-ing. Would love to have you link up at my Which is Scarier? party going on. Hugs, Holly

    1. Thanks for dropping by. I’ll check out your linky.

  3. What a cute Halloween treat bag! This would be great for taking treats to school to share with classmates! Love it:)

    1. My boys aren’t in school yet, but this would totally be doable for a class-sized amount of kids.

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  5. Just wanted to let you know that I’m featuring this post in a fall decor compilation post I’ve put together on my blog! For the past couple weeks I’ve been gathering some great ideas for fall decor and I loved this! Hope you have a great day!

    1. Wow thanks so much! Very excited!

  6. I recognized those mountains as soon as I clicked over.

    I’m in WNC too. Found you through the 31 days series, and I’ve enjoyed clicking around your place, espeically the post on roadkill, nice!

    1. Thanks! To be honest my husband write half the random stuff. I actually realized recently an update I did removed the author byline on the articles. Now it is anyone’s guess as to who wrote about poop or crafts that day. :) I should have that fixed soon. Thanks for the drop in!

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