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11 Household Items You Can Dye: With Tutorials

How to Dye Cotton Balls

To create my Dr. Seuss inspired trees I had to dye cotton balls.  It got me thinking, there are a ton of household items that you can dye.  Here is my quick tutorial on dyeing cotton balls plus 9 10 other household items (meaning things you can pick up at the grocery store).

1. How to Dye Cotton Balls

How to Dye Cotton Balls Supplies:

Rubbing alcohol, food coloring, cotton balls (duh), and a plastic baggy.  Gloves and newsprint are a nice bonus.


Throw cotton balls into a baggy with a few drops of food coloring (I was trying for a turquoise in the middle picture…  Needed way more blue) and a splash of alcohol.  Remove the air from the baggy and squish the cotton balls around until the are evenly colored.  Pour them out on a newspaper to dry.  When dry you can fluff the cotton which will reveal the white making the colors much lighter.  You can see the final product on my Dr. Seuss inspired tree centerpiece.

2. Sand (Credit: CraftThyme)

Tutorial on How to Dye Sand

3. Clothespins (Credit: Madigan Made)



4. Beans (Credit: Lookie What I Did)



5. Coffee Filters (Credit: A Subtle Revelry)



6. Golf Balls (Rit Dye)



7. Rice (Credit: African Babies Don’t Cry)



8. Doilies (Credit: Blue Eyed Freckle)



9. Bamboo Skewers (Credit: The Flair Exchange)



10. Coconut (Credit: Eat. Swim. Shop)



11. Crepe Paper (Credit: Myself :))

How to Dye Crepe Paper


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11 Household Items You Can Dye

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