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Dr. Seuss Themed First Birthday

My youngest son turned 1 last week.  I’d love to say I had it all together, realized that Dr. Seuss’ 100th birthday was occurring and picked the perfect theme for Conlan’s First Birthday.  Alas, I would be lying…  I wanted a Dr. Seuss themed birthday for McClain’s first (two years ago) and ordered the licensed plates, napkins, etc.  The decorations came exactly one day after his party and were promptly shoved in the basement.  I got my Dr. Seuss theme on the second go-around.

Dr Seuss themed first birthday

To complement the purchased party items I made a few decorations.  Some Seussian-like trees for the wrapped box centerpiece and hand-dyed crepe paper ruffles.

While, I imagine that very few people will need to recreate the trees I think I may just give a run-down on how to make them next week.  It might be fun to do something whimsical like that for Christmas.

Dr. Seuss Themed Centerpiece


Dr. Seuss inspired decorations
Balloons and Streamers! Can’t have a birthday without them.

The guests (adults and kids alike) enjoyed the balloons.  They made great decorations in the colors of red, white, turquoise, and yellow & doubled as entertainment.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the basic snacks and of course a color themed cake.  Conlan, seemed to enjoy all the extra attention.

Okay... Maybe Conlan enjoyed the balloons more.  Oddly, he was not smiles about the cake.
Okay… Maybe Conlan enjoyed the balloons more. Oddly, he was not smiles about the cake.

While, the Dr. Seuss theme looked great and added nice color pops to the family photos (yes, I keep my friends off my blog) I did manage to miss getting one awesome picture.  The cake smash! Why?  Because Conlan was totally NOT about it.  He stuck one hand in, and looked at me to wipe it off.  Patrick gave him a taste of the icing, and he promptly made a face like it tasted horrible.  Clearly he is missing some important sweet-tooth gene I should have passed to him.  Anyway, enjoy one more photo of decoration details and scroll down for the connected tutorials.

Dr. Seuss inspired first birthday party


Tutorials to Create This Theme:

Dr. Seuss Inspired Tree Centerpiece

How to Dye Crepe Paper

How to Make Easy Crepe Paper Ruffles

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