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August Package Pals: Why I Can’t Be Trusted

I have a thing for craft supplies.  So, when I saw the chance to sign up for Package Pals hosted by C.R.A.F.T  and Stars & Sunshine I jumped at the chance.  What is it?

August 2013 package pals button

It is a sign up where you and another crafty person get matched together to send each other crafty items.  Unknown Craft Items?  Don’t mind if I do.

Do Not Trust Me

Here is where I can’t be trusted.  Laura, the awesome person behind Experimental Home was matched with me.  Having just made a huge move from my state of North Carolina to Texas she was still able to get it together, send a wonderful package, take pictures of her package to me, blog about her package, obviously take pictures of what I sent her, probably blog about that too, and most likely making something clever and amazing with what I sent her.  While, probably throwing together a perfect graphic to explain the whole process.  Yeah I’m SOOOO jealous of how she has it together, but in a good way. :)

What did I do?  Immediately rip into my package like a kid on Christmas morning!  Did I take photos of her lovely orange twine packaging? No.  Did I stop to find the card? No.

August Package Pals: Picture of opening my craft package
Note the torn paper and twine… I may, or may not have used my teeth to remove the twine since finding scissors would take to long.

In the presence of unknown craft supplies I turn into some sort of ravaging craft animal.  Incapable of thinking about things like blog posts and photos.  I ripped it open and ran my fingers over the journal yelling to my husband, “Oh shit, she hand-embroidered this journal I bet!”  To which I believe he may have made some non-committal grunt and/or reminded me to watch my language in front of the kids (A sailor mouth is a hard habit to break).  However, I don’t know because I was flipping through patterned paper, caressing fresh bunting , and marveling over a matching clipboard.

August Package Pals: Detail of the package
Look at this journal! Look! She crafted me a craft item. It is like Craftception.

Then, and only then, it dawned on me.  Oh crap, I should have taken pictures.

Luck Would Have It

Luckily, Laura has saved the day again by nicely documenting the items she sent me.  You can read all about her thoughtful and awesome choices over at Experimental Home.

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be documenting what I made with all of her awesome supplies.  I’ll give you a hint and it starts with ‘Halloween Mantel’.  Until then I have to thank Laura for making Package Pals a fun, and in her case, professional blogging experience.  I hope to sign up again and keep in touch with my new Package Pal!

6 thoughts on “August Package Pals: Why I Can’t Be Trusted

  1. What a cute package! I love the journal as well. So clever I never would have thought of embroidering a notebook before!

    1. I totally agree!

  2. I LOVE that journal! I need a tutorial :) Thanks for participating in August PP !

    1. You and me both. I think Laura might have one at her site Experimental Home

  3. Ummm, yeah. You give me way to much credit. I had to open your package as soon as I could, which meant after dark… Since I couldn’t wait, pictures had to. And OH MY GOSH, sparkly, metallic wonder! I am so excited to dig my scissors, needles, glue and whatever else into all that fun stuff!

    1. I can not wait to see what you make! And no, I gave you the perfect amount of credit.

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