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Christmas Party: Green & Brown Tree Theme

If asked to think of the best party hosts I know I would, without hesitation name, my parents. They annually have one big party a year. Often the times change, Spring party… International Flavors Dinner… Birthday BBQ…So, when I was asked to co-host this years traditional Christmas party I was flattered.

Honestly, they did 90% of the work and I wanted to share how lovely it turned out. Per the usual, I started chatting with friends and forget to take pictures so let us take a look at some I remembered to get before the 40ish guests arrived.

As usual my mother won’t give herself credit, but I know that the little details are what makes her parties stand out. For example the above decorations incorporated brown, green, and gold. She utilized pine cones to hand-make the mantel garland and turned more pine cones upside down and topped with stars to make tiny trees. Vintage reindeer pranced among the greenery and gold angelica accents found on the tree and garland. Certainly guests had lots of decor to look around at as the party got underway.

And oh the food!

It isn’t enough for the food to taste good it has to look great as well. Cheeseballs shaped like presents, veggie trays in the form of Christmas trees, and fresh gingerbread cakes were just the tip of the iceberg. Warm soups, tangy chicken bites, and various other dishes rounded out the “winter comfort” buffet. Have I mentioned my father’s sausage rolls or champagne punch? All I can say is no one left hungry or thirsty!

Their hosting always shares three similar attributes: Great food/drinks, interesting decor, and most importantly hosts who attend to the guests needs while mingling and keeping the conversation going. Perhaps one day I’ll manage all three as easily as they do.


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Red & Silver Christmas Table Setting

Today’s holiday table setting is based on red, silver, gold, and mirrored shine. This Christmas tablescape utilizes only a few items, but gives a sense of elegance and expense through the use of mirrored surfaces, warm lighting, and holiday shimmer. Enough with the chit-chat and catalog description let us take a look:

You might recognize some of these tablescape elements from earlier Christmas table decor. Since that table setting utilized a lot of live moss and twigs I wanted to create something that could make it through the whole holiday season without constant maintenance.

So instead I utilized a tiered serving piece as a table centerpiece. Filled (very carefully I might add) with glass ornaments in red, silver, and gold with added sparkle from mirrored accents set around the dish. Using the same glass ornaments, red glass birds, and lights I made a holiday tree out of branches to set in the corner, and mask the fact I still haven’t placed any artwork in the dining room. Let’s take a look at some accents:

I (and my bank account) personally like to reuse Christmas decorations from previous years. The table runner and napkins were from Target in 2010. I have amassed the collection of glass ornaments mainly for a few dollars here and there at Goodwill. I have a thing for glass, however I also have cats and a toddler… It is necessary to get my glass ornaments in the least expensive manner possible i.e. dirt cheap. On the note of cheap, I used a scarf layered under the table runner to add a little more red and pattern to the table.

The crystal candlesticks were a gift at my wedding. I have to admit at 23 I was kind of like WTH? is up with these fancy-schmancy candlesticks. However, 23 year old self was a douche! I have used these puppies over and over again. Nothing elevates a look like shimmer from crystal, silver, and gold.

My favorite thing about this table decor? Even when I remove the place settings and just leave the center runner and decorations it works great with our everyday meals, plus I’m not stuck misting moss everyday.